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   Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd is the professional research and manufacture company of hydraulic press in China. Since 1956, Tianduan has become the leader of Chinese hydraulic press industry.
   Tianduan has 50 series, more than 1000 kinds of hydraulic presses and product lines. The capacity ranges from 800kN to 400000kN. The products are wildly used in the fields of forming shipping plates, forging extruding, aviation and spaceflight, automobile industry, glass fiber reinforced plastics, household electrical appliances and light industry, power metallurgy, defense industry and so on. Tianduan Company gained DNV ISO 9001 Quality System certification in 1996, and CE certificate in 2006. Until now, Tianduan has exported its products to Europe, America, Asian, Australasia and Africa, totally more than 30 countries and areas.
    Before 1940, the address of Tianduan was the storehouse’s address of Tianchang Trading Company.
In January 1941, some person collected funds and built the firm named Tianchang Steel Factory. At that time, the company just had 150 employees and 50 machines which used strap droved, it was a fixed and replacement factory.
   The government took over the company in 1951, and changed the name into Tianchang Mechanical Factory. After that, the company incorporated other small companies which were not profitable.
   In order to reach the market needs of forging machine requirement, Tianjin Hydraulic Press Company was built in 1956. At the beginning of Tianduan, it copied the products from the east-Europe. According to research and manufacturing, Tianduan became the professional medium hydraulic press factory in China.
   The first 4 columns hydraulic press Y32-300 was produced in Tianduan in 1956, and opened a new chapter of hydraulic press’s history in China.
   In 1950s, Tianduan took charge of and assisted many Chinese press standards setting, improved the quality of whole Chinese press industry.
   In 1960s, Tianduan cooperated with other factories, designed and manufactured the 6000T Water Hydraulic Press. Because of the Tianduan distribution, China had much more precious experiences about manufacturing hydraulic press.
   In 1970s, the researchers from Tianduan institute compiled and published many books in China, for example, the calculation of hydraulic press design, hydraulic press system and valves design, etc.
   In 1980s,Tianduan has designed and produced the first 1000T single and double action hydraulic press in China
   In 1983, YT32-315 four columns hydraulic press won the national silver medal.
   In 1989, Tianjin Hydraulic Press Company changed into Tianjin Hydraulic Press General Company, its tax was over 10 million RMB in the same year.
   In 1990, YT28-630/1030 double-action thin plate drawing hydraulic press won the national golden medal.
   In October 1995, the company completed the purpose of double production value of 1990s’, it saved more than seven years comparing with the plan. After technologies improved and finished the project about loan of World Bank, the ability of production and technology of equipment improved much more higher than ever.
   In 1996, Tianduan passed the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification and obtained the right of importing and exporting by itself.
   In 2000, The Tianduan’s project “large high speed and efficiency NC hydraulic press” was confirmed by Nation Economy and Commerce Committee, won the “advanced award of national important technical innovation”.
   In October 2001, Tianjin Tianduan Press CO., LTD was built in Beichen district. It was invested by the Tianjin Mechanical and Electric Holding CO., LTD.
   In 2005, Tianduan became the leader of hydraulic press industry again, because it had 170 million RMB production values and 150 million RMB sale values in this year; Tianduan was the No. 5 of top 10 metal processing machinery manufacturing industry in China.
   In 2006, Tianduan obtained the CE Certification with the entry to the European market. Tianduan was rewarded the “Top 10 of independent innovation enterprises” in this year.
   In 2008; “Tianduan” was confirmed to Tianjin famous brand by Tianjin business bureau.
   In 2009, Tianduan technical institute was confirmed by the government; “ Power metallurgy hydraulic press” of Tianduan passed “ Top grade NC control machine tool and base equipment” topic; “ The NC control machine tool promotion changing project” was authorized the second priority of investment industry; Tianduan was authorized as the second created enterprise by national science and general labor union; “ Tianduan” was the “ Chinese famous brand” by the national business general bureau; Tianduan gained honorary title of “ mechanic advanced group”.
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