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Ship plates pressing hydraulic press

   The main application of this kind of press is the shipbuilding industry, it is used for the cold forming of the thick steel plate such as bending, rib pressing, etc. it can also be used in container manufacturing and metallurgical industry. By using various molds, ship plate press could produce bended plate, corrugated bulkhead and other products. Normally it has combined frame machine body, its press head and work table can move and rotate. Material conveying rollers and cranes will be set on left and right side of the machine for loading/unloading of the material and mold.
   When pressing or bending plates with different shapes, the press head and work table can be adjusted for meeting the requirements of the process without manual work, thus increase the production efficiency.Because of the moving and rotation functions of the press head and work table, this press has twice pressing width than normal type.

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